My co-edited collection The Dialectic of Digital Culture will be published by Lexington this fall. Look for my chapter about mommy blogs and LGBTQ kids: “Queering the Straight World?: Mommyblogs, Queer Kids, and Digital World Making.” The article is a case study of Lori Duron’s RaisingMyRainbow, a personal blog about her gender creative son!

I’m also publishing an article about the BDSM pornography site called “Bound to Capitalism: The Pursuit of Profit and Pleasure in Digital Pornography” in Fast Capitalism. The project is an extension and update of an article I wrote as a doctoral student. An early version was published in a now defunct graduate journal and I revised it a couple of years ago as part of a book project about 50 Shades of Grey that never found a publisher. Very happy to put this into the world.’s marketing strategies are fascinating, and shifts in strategy reflect shifts in online pornography audiences as well as shifts in popular acceptance of kink.


For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in “New” Queer Children’s Literature

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This article identifies and analyzes an emerging archive of children’s picture books that represent transgender and gender creative child characters. The subgenre of children’s literature is referred to as new queer children’s literature. The author explores the ways these texts represent queer youth as they negotiate various social institutions, especially the family and the school. It is suggested that an ambivalent reading of these images—one neither committed to anti-normativity nor assimilation—can help us understand the queer present at its most affirmative and, by extension, aid us in beginning to theorize possible queer futures.

ChLA 2019


Looking forward to presenting my paper LGBTQ Children’s Picture Books Now: Between the Past and the Future at ChLA next month!

I’m bringing Charlene Carruthers’ recent book project Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements into conversation with Heather Love’s Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History to consider the transformative potential of LGBTQ histories in children’s picture books.

Raise Them Righteous

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While conducting research for a book length manuscript about LGBTQ-inclusive children’s picture books, I noticed that no database or up-to-date bibliography of LGBTQ-inclusive children’s literature exists. I created a praxis project, a curated book review blog focused on diverse and LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books, that parallels my academic scholarship. Since beginning the project in July 2018, I’ve identified and reviewed over 100 LGBTQ-inclusive picture books published between 1971 and 2019.

Follow my project at Raise Them Righteous!


New Book Project: LGBTQ* Children’s Picture Books


Excited to sign a contract with the University Press of Mississippi for my book project The New Queer Children’s Literature: Exploring the Principles and Politics of Post-Millenial LGBTQ* Children’s Picture Books!

The book project is part cultural study and part literary study. I explore LGBTQ* children’s literature by tracing it through a “circuit of culture model” that historicizes shifts in the production, distribution, regulation, and consumption of cultural texts as well as changes in representations and representational practices.

I consider children’s picture books a rich historical archive as well as critical world making project; to this end I theorize what changing representations in LGBTQ* children’s picture books reveal about struggles to make meaning about gender, sexual, and adult/child relationships.

I’m tracking my progress reading EVERY English-language LGBTQ* children’s picture book published in North America over the last forty years on my blog. Follow along!