Jennifer Miller_UTA

This site catalogs my research, teaching, and service. I am always THRILLED to speak about my work, so don’t hesitate to contact me, at jlmiller1@gmail.com, if you have questions or share similar interests and are looking to expand your network!

My research interests include children’s literature & culture, digital culture, and sexual subcultures.


My manuscript, The Transformative Potential of LGBTQ+ Children’s Picture Books, will be available from the University Press of Mississippi, June 2022. I am currently working on an edited collection, tentatively titled Reading LGBTQ+ Picture Books, which is under contract with UPM. This collection is supported by a Faculty Research Grant from the Children’s Literature Association (ChLA) that I was awarded Summer 2021. The collection brings together diverse experts from a variety of academic backgrounds who explore LGBTQ+ picture books. Chapters include: 1) studies of Scandinavian, German, and French picture books; 2) explorations of nonfiction; 3) discussions of board books; 4) critiques of representations of nonhuman characters; and so much more!

My early work about LGBTQ+ picture books, “For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in ‘New’ Queer Children’s Literature,” was published in the Journal of Homosexuality (2019), which was reprinted in LGBTQ Culture: The Changing Landscape (2021). Additionally, I contributed a chapter, ” For the Little Queers: Ambivalence and the Work of Gender Play in Children’s Literature,” in Heroes, Heroines, and Everything in Between: Challenging Gender and Sexuality Stereotypes in Children’s Entertainment Media (2017.

My work on digital culture often intersects with sexual subcultures, as is the case with my article, “Bound to Capitalism: The Pursuit of Profit and Pleasure in Digital Pornography,” which was published in Fast Capitalism in 2019 and will be republished in an edited collection, Binding and Unbinding Kink, edited by Amber Clifford and published by Palgrave, Fall 2021. Another article, “Queering the Virgin: Evangelical World-Making and the Heterosexual Crisis,” published in The European Journal of American Studies (2017), constructs a case study of evangelical virginity derived largely from movement websites.

Additionally, I co-edited The Dialectic of Digital Culture, which explores ways the digital realm challenges and reproduces power. The contributors provide innovative case studies of various phenomenon including #metoo, Etsy, mommy blogs, music streaming, sustainability, and net neutrality to reveal the reproduction of neoliberal cultural logics. In seemingly transformative digital spaces, these essays provide dialectical readings that challenge dominant narratives about technology and study specific aspects of digital culture that are often under explored. My contribution, “Mommy Blogs and the Limits of Digital Advocacy,” is a critical reading of Lori Duron’s mommy blog, Raising My Rainbow.

I am also very excited to announce my participation in an exiting open access textbook, LGBTQ+ Studies: A Multidisciplinary Approach, that I am co-editing Deborah Amory, Sean Massey, and Jennifer Miller. The textbook, which will be available for FREE, has an anticipated release with SUNY Press Fall 2021!

Public Facing Work

I began blogging children’s book reviews at Raise Them Righteous in July 2018. The blog now features over 350 reviews of diverse and inclusive picture books. I began the project to make more people aware of the amazing books that exist, many self- or independently-published, without a large marketing budget. This work has led me to participate in the Cybils Awards, for three consecutive years.


I am a non-tenure track English Lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington where I teach for the First Year Writing Program. Prior to accepting my current position, I taught a variety of topical, theoretical, and introductory courses for several departments and programs at UTA, including Sociology, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

I am currently completing ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practice and participating in a Study of Teaching and Learning (SToL) working group through UTA’s English Department.

My teaching philosophy and practice pivots around empowering students to understand the social world through critical engagement with cultural texts. As an interdisciplinarian, I am trained to think outside of disciplinary boundaries and invite my students to do the same. Regardless of what I am teaching, I invite students to think creatively and critically about the world around them, while empowering them to imagine a better one.


I was recently nominated to serve on the Children’s Literature Associations Edited Book Award Committee. I’m looking forward to taking this project on! Additionally, I’ve served as a reviewer for a variety of journals including Citizenship Studies, Fast Capitalism, and International Research in Children’s Literature. I also serve on Fast Capitalism‘s Advisory Board.

In addition to service to the profession, I serve on a variety of committees at UTA.